Nikki Fried

Decision 2022: The race for Florida governor: Nikki Fried Nikki Fried one-on-one interview Florida Governor Primary Q&A: Nikki Fried Nikki Fried is running for governor. Is she an insider or an outsider? Nikki Fried Announces Support of a Reparations Bill in Florida If Elected Governor Nikki Fried promises ‘day one’ action on abortion Six-figure Her […]

Charlie Crist

Decision 2022: The race for governor: Charlie Crist The Super-High-Stakes 2022 Race No One Is Talking About Fact Check: Do Polls Show Ron DeSantis Losing to Democrat Charlie Crist? To defeat Ron DeSantis, Florida Democrats are coalescing around Charlie Crist and the Joe Biden playbook Will fight over property insurance roil Florida governor’s race? Rep. […]