When culture wars detract from real problems

Imagine what we could do as a nation if we funneled all of the anger and rage we have toward culture wars into focusing on real problems right under our noses? I will try not to be on my soapbox too much here, but much of the uproar over “cancel culture” (AKA the new “fake […]

What does Florida Amendment 2 Mean? (General Election 2020)

florida amendment 2

Florida Amendment 2 for the 2020 General Election is a popular and quite contentious topic this election cycle … along with every time the topic of raising minimum wage to a living wage is brought to the table. Florida Amendment 2 – Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage – on 2020 General Election ballots reads: “Raises minimum wage to $10.00 […]

What does Florida Amendment 1 Mean? (General Election 2020)

Florida Amendment 1 General Election 2020 - blog post 2

Florida Amendment 1 for the 2020 General Election is a confusing one despite it’s simplicity and apparent straightforwardness. Florida Amendment 1 – Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections – on 2020 General Election ballots reads: “This amendment provides that only United States Citizens who are at least eighteen years of age, a permanent resident […]