Candidate for: Florida Governor

Ron Desantis


Contact Information

301 West Platt Street Suite 345
Tampa, FL 33606

Background & Personal Information

  • BA, History, Yale University
  • JD, Harvard Law School
  • Governor, State of Florida, 2019-present
  • Representative, United States House of Representatives, Florida, District 6, 2013-2018
  • Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy Reserves, 2010-present
  • Former Lecturer, Law of War, Florida Coastal School of Law
  • Former Federal Prosecutor, United States Department of Justice
  • Former Military Prosecutor, United States Navy
  • Advisor, Navy Sea Air and Land Teams (SEALS), United States Navy, 2007
  • Member, American Legion, present
  • Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), present
FamilySpouse: Casey
Children: 2

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